What is Clean Beauty?

What is Clean Beauty?

Understanding What Clean Beauty is All About

In the beauty industry, the term ‘clean beauty’ is something that everyone is buzzing about. Understanding what it means will help you get in on the one trend you shouldn’t be missing.

Clean Beauty, Defined

Two essential requirements need to be met to be a clean beauty brand. It must have safe-to-use ingredients, and the ingredient listing on the label must be transparent. 

About Clean Ingredients

Clean ingredients don’t have to mean they came from nature. It means that the ingredients used are safe and free of toxins. Instead, choosing products with clean ingredients is the way to dive right into the best beauty trend of all. You can look on the EWG’s website to find out about specific ingredients that will help you make the safest choices for your beauty and health. 

Transparency in Labels

When it comes to clean beauty, it’s not just about what goes into that product. It’s also about how a brand discloses that information. Beauty brands that let you see what’s inside without the smoke and mirrors are the best choices. While every brand is required to list ingredients, they can use sneaky tactics to fool you.

A prime example of this is when you see ‘fragrance’ on a label. Because this term is so vague, it can hide what’s really inside. The same goes for those buzzy words like ‘natural’ or ‘organic.’ It’s up to you to check into these labels to make sure what you’re choosing is a true clean beauty product.

Clean Beauty: Beauty Simplified

Clean beauty shouldn’t be complicated at all. Then again, being beautiful shouldn’t be either. You should shine with all your original beauty and sparkle as you are.  

With clean beauty, it’s not about using products that only come from nature but about avoiding toxic ingredients. There may be synthetic ingredients or preservatives in clean beauty products, but as long as they are non-toxic, that’s the real deal of going clean with your beauty routine. 

In an industry that lacks regulation, it’s up to brands to care for the health and well-being of consumers. 

That’s where Unparalleled Beauty comes in, a clean beauty brand that believes you should embrace your natural looks and make skincare a priority. Through ethically-sourced ingredients and organic antioxidants, you’ll see a healthier glow without an airbrushed ideal of what beauty should be.  

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