Our Story

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Unparalleled Beauty believes no one should feel like they have to compromise their health and sanity for quality cosmetics. With the beauty industry skyrocketing to new levels each year and multiple hours spent on skincare routines, what is the end goal? There are so many trends, and fads pushed on us every day, and it causes a frenzy not only in the stores but on our skin. Created to showcase the natural beauty in everyone, we have taken our passion for makeup to catalyze courage for women in how they look and feel. As a women-owned company, being authentically yourself is a message that means so much to us both.

While our love for cosmetics was strong, our collective concern for the beauty industry was even stronger. The rise of social media has generated a lot of unnecessary pressure to be someone else. Working in the beauty industry at young ages, we had a front-row seat to the manufacturing world and the ins and outs of the business. From the good and the bad, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our knowledge to form our own opinions of what’s possible in cosmetics. It was clear to us that it’s less about what’s on the outside that matters but what’s on the inside.

lush gloss swatches 2This world is too small, and life is too short to be faint-hearted when embracing who you are. We’ve nurtured our purpose and confidence through self-discovery and friendship to pursue our heart’s desire, the limitless world of artistry that is makeup, but with a different approach. Created to showcase internal beauty using external products, Unparalleled Beauty formulates inclusive, clean beauty and naturally derived products to nourish the skin and uplift the spirit.